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We pride ourselves on giving our clients a  deliciously unique dinning experience paired with great communication and customer service.

Just a Girl
Who Loves Food

I love food. And I’m not just talking about the taste, but also how it affects people; what they feel when you serve them their favorite dish with pride on your face after all these years of cooking for others to make them happy is truly something special that can’t be replicated in any other way or by anyone else! My passion turned into a 15+ year career. I’ve been head chef in every place from a bars to fine dining and everything in between. At the top of the pandemic something changed in me, I wanted to strike out on my own. New exciting opportunities would bring us to a new city, and the next chapter in business. The MVP is the people, they  have been so supportive of our team at Savory Sweet & Chic’ because they know how much time goes into each recipe on their plate, sauce, or delivery… And now it’s your turn 🙂 Come join us while we take charge of this culinary landscape together.

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Each spices, seasonings, and sauces are carefully sourced to maximize flavor and impact. Our dishes contain only the freshest and sustainable ingredients. 

Some Of Our Signature Dishes

Here is a small glimpse into our world. These are some staple dished that always warm the heart and make those taste buds dance.